The International Best Vodka Contest  has been conducted since 2008 and it is the biggest specialised vodka event in Europe and Asia.


  • Lux Vodka

  • Premium Vodka

  • Mass market Vodka

  • Special vodkas (with additives and flavors)

  • Liqueurs, brandy, balsams

  • Beverages distillates

  • Discovery of the year

Leading experts of alcoholic beverages companies from Russia, Finland, Poland and other countries evaluated the samples by the blind tasting.

The professional tasting is under control of the Supervisory Board, which contains invited  representatives of participants and mass media. The basis for the awarding of medals is the result of the organoleptic, blind testing of the submitted samples.

Grand Prix - the highest award of the International Best Vodka Contest. It is awarded to brands that received the highest score in the competition. 

For foreign participants of the contest award is available in English.

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