The International Best Vodka Contest has been conducted since 2008 and has become the biggest specialised vodka event in Europe and Asia.

Leading experts of alcoholic beverages from Russia, Belorussia, Finland, Poland and other countries evaluated the samples by blind tasting.

The professional tasting is under control of the Supervisory Board, which contains representatives of participants and mass media.  The basis for the awarding of medals is the result of the organoleptic, blind testing of the submitted samples.

Our medals are valuable marketing tools that can garner significant attention from media, industry experts, and consumers. In a saturated marketplace, winning a BEST VODKA medal sets you apart from your competitors while giving you opportunities to further promote, market, and position your product to consumers.


Producers from any country, importers, distributors, organizers of retail distribution and Horeca from any country can be applicants in the Contest.


  • Lux Vodka

  • Premium Vodka

  • Mass market Vodka

  • Special vodkas (with additives and flavors)

  • Liqueurs, brandy, balsams

  • Beverages distillates

  • Discovery of the year

To participate, please:


1. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

2. Pay the registration fee. The basis for the payment is the invoice from “MACRO event” Ltd. issued after receiving the application form. 

3. Production samples should be sent to the Contest in amount of 1 liter in trade format and original package.  

The Contest’s Calendar:

Before 30th March 2022 – accepting applications and samples.

19th April 2022 – the work of Degustation Commission.

30th April 2022 – the Professional photo session of medalists with awards (no extra charge). 

The price of participation is 250 EUR for every presented brand/sub-brand in one nomination.

​For further information, please, contact us by e-mail vodka@macroevent.ru or phone

+ 34 722 664 142 (Olga Visser)

Registrations Form

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